Oil Analysis Services

At WearCheck, oil analysis is not simply an add-on service. It is a partnership with the client encompassing analysis, interpretation and training, with each element being an integral part of the whole. WearCheck’s holistic approach to oil analysis demands the highest technological standards and the highest caliber of suitably qualified and experienced staff. This quest for excellence is reflected in each organization’s level of quality.


Oil Analysis

WearCheck oil analysis provides a comprehensive view of the state of your lubricated equipment providing peace-of-mind for your operation.


Wear Particle Analysis

Wear particle analysis goes beyond the typical part per million wear analysis of traditional oil analysis providing you with a detailed morphological analysis of the wear mode of your equipment.


Fuel Analysis

WearCheck fuel testing provides a comprehensive analysis to ensure optimum fuel usage efficiency and adherence to regulatory and insurance requirements.


Coolant Analysis

WearCheck coolant analysis provides a comprehensive view of the state of your coolant and cooling system.


Grease Analysis

WearCheck grease analysis provides a comprehensive view of the state of your grease lubricated equipment providing peace-of-mind for your operation.


Transformer Fluid Analysis

WearCheck transformer fluid analysis provides a comprehensive view of the state of your electrical transformers providing peace-of-mind for your operation.

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WearCheck is the Leader in Oil Analysis.

Why are we the leader? WearCheck's oil analysis service not only helps reduce the cost to own/operate assets, it helps reduce the time and cost end-users spend to manage and run their oil analysis program. With the implementation of asset tags, QR SIF’s, online/mobile device sample submission, and comprehensive push-subscription management reports, total costs for a high level condition based monitoring program can be greatly reduced.

  • Streamlined and simplified sample kit
  • QR coded asset/sample point tags
  • WebCheck version 2.0 (WV2)
  • Companion mobile device app
  • Push-subscription management reports
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The Leader in Oil Analysis


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The Latest WearCheck Media

WearCheck has the benefit of a global network of industry knowledge leaders. The following resources are drawn from hundreds of years of their experience in the oil analysis industry. We hope you find these resources helpful in your understanding of oil analysis and provide you with an oil analysis program of increased value.

Options for Submitting Samples On-line

The various ways that you can submit oil samples using on-line tools.

Varnish Testing by MPC

Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) is a test that can determine the varnish potential of your oil by measuring the amount of insolubles present. Insolubles in oil eventually drop out of suspension and form sticky varnish and sludge in the system and on critical components which can lead to machine failure or outages.

Submitting Samples to the Laboratory

How to properly prepare your samples for return to the WearCheck laboratory using the new QR-coded sample information forms and poly pack mailer.

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